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Chairman of Damascus Dental Syndicate - Professor at Damascus University International President for ICOI in Syria
Consultant in Oral Health & Cosmetic Dentistry W.H.O
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Advisory in Dentistry

Adviser in dentistry is a healthy social and scientific journal published every six months, got a license in December 2012, the first in Syria interested in oral health. Founded in Syria in 2012 by Prof. Dr. Rashad Mohammed Thabet Murad, and took great fame on the level of Syria. Care adviser in dentistry magazine mainly oral hygiene, as there is a fixed doors in various branches of dental orthodontics and cosmetic and surgical Maxillofacial and dental compensation fixed and mobile, and children and adolescents dental and endodontic tooth healing and reconstructive addition to the fixed section in the magazine cares what is new in dentistry modern techniques in dentistry and another to the latest news department of oral health and dentistry modern medical studies and news, as is shown to treat and beautify several cases in dental clinic, in addition to the Department of the relationship between health and oral health and the Muslim religion appears, in addition to several separate sections in the entertainment and fiction side also associated with dental There is also the constant section is the answer patients questions that come to your email magazine under the title you ask and answer adviser. And he writes in the magazine consultant doctor's specialists in the science of dentistry and mostly master's and doctoral degree holders in various dental medicine sciences, in addition to the mighty doctors in this humanitarian profession service. In a statement to SANA, the general supervisor and director of the magazine, Dr. Rashad Murad the fourth issue of the consultant includes headlines and articles variety of interest to the reader is generally not directed only to the dentist where he introduced topics such as early puberty and effects of mental and physical males and females and symptoms of TB treatment and risk of addiction and ways to protect children from toxins in particular made of inferior materials their games as well as the diagnosis of mumps in children and its symptoms and treatment. Dr. Murad added that the new issue also included topics specialist interest to the dentist in particular including TMJ disorders and symptoms and treatment as well as international scientific activities for dentists and activities of local and Arab trade union modern studies and medical news and cases of quality are dealt with in advanced dental care center for treatment and cosmetic dentistry in Damascus. In his editorial, Dr. Murad spoke about the responsibility of the medical service provider to the patient through the appropriate decision at the appropriate time after evaluating the condition of the patient and choose the best a solution which is compatible with the desire and the possibility of its application, warning that any delay in the decision could threaten the patient's condition and possibly his life. And every six months provides a magazine consultant what is new in dentistry, and the main purpose is to increase the level of health of patients and improve the efficiency of life for them. As this magazine provided free of charge, rather than the advertising or promotional or profit publications

Issues of Adviser Magazine

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    العدد صفر

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    العدد الأول

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    العدد الثاني

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    العدد الثالث

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    العدد الرابع

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    العدد الخامس


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