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Chairman of Damascus Dental Syndicate - Professor at Damascus University International President for ICOI in Syria
Consultant in Oral Health & Cosmetic Dentistry W.H.O
Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

About The Center

We believe in the philosophy of treatment without pain by providing patient comfort and sustainability appropriate and accurate treatment as soon as possible and at the right price pharmacological protocols through the assistant medical team offers unparalleled specialist services. we offer:
• All Orthodontics services and surgical services of various oral
• preventive and curative services for children and children with special needs
• Services in advanced implant and immediate dental and endodontic treatments and Reconstructive
• beauty services, dental and compensation of all types with fixed and mobile Compensation
• modern and whitening systems are supported by the American Academy of Dental Aesthetic
• Digital X-ray imaging systems help to diagnose the condition and documenting the outcome in addition to the most advanced systems in the humid heat sterilization of instruments.


  • Advanced Dental Care
    for Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry
    Damascus - Syria

    Tel: +963 11 222 77 46/51
    Mob: +963 933 611 585